Waterless World

A Global Water Crisis Forum


No matter where you reside, it is hard not to think about water today.  Water is essential for life on our planet. Our ecosystems, society and economy all need clean fresh water in sufficient amounts to thrive. But water resources are under increasing pressure in many parts of the world, with many currently under tremendous stress, both in the developed and the developing world.  Collective awareness and action will be required to address the challenges facing a growing population with ever greater demands on finite water resources.

This forum is one small attempt to create a channel for the sharing and dissemination of data, information, and opinion on the challenges, opportunities, and initiatives that are ongoing globally in the fight for available clean water.

If we possess any agenda for Waterless World, it is nothing more grandiose than bringing attention to a crisis that is global in scope, comprehensive in scale, and much closer to a tipping point than most of us imagine.

We will endeavor to maintain a currency of information, a breadth of topics, an inclusiveness of perspectives, and a sense of humor, when warranted.  Hopefully, you will find something here to share with others and will, in turn, share your perspectives with us.


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